Our Mission

The mission of Paths 2 Opportunity is to prepare students in Greater Richmond, Virginia, surrounding counties and tri-cities to transition from intermediate and secondary school to higher education and/or the workforce for employment in a variety of high demand industries.

To fulfill this mission Paths 2 Opportunity offers professional training, internship and preparation programs for student’s grades 6th – 12th and beyond.


Paths 2 Opportunity is designed to help student structure the career path of their choice and together with career coaches, volunteers, and community leaders create a pathway to success. Paths 2 Opportunity's has a 3-phase program for student’s grades 6th-12th, and beyond. 


Empowering Children to Be a Better Version of Themselves

Since 2017, Paths 2 Opportunity has been nurturing and supporting our community’s youth. All of our programs are designed with their best interests in mind. At Paths 2 Opportunity, we provide our youth with the skills they need to thrive in society. From our Fundraising Opportunities to our Volunteering Trips, we have a variety of programs that are available to all. Browse through our services and see the extent of what we have to offer.


Paths 2 Opportunity