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9962 Brook Road
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Tel: 804-539-5244


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Our Mission

The mission of Paths 2 Opportunity is to prepare students in Greater Richmond, Virginia, surrounding counties and tri-cities to transition from intermediate and secondary school to higher education and/or the workforce for employment in a variety of high demand industries.

To fulfill this mission Paths 2 Opportunity offers professional training, internship and preparation programs for student’s grades 6th – 12th and beyond.

Paths 2 Opportunity is designed to help student structure the career path of their choice and together with career coaches, volunteers, and community leaders create a pathway to success. 

Paths 2 Opportunity is working to equip students with college and workforce readiness tools, training and process steps. Students are offered skills training, internship, and volunteer opportunities that will allow them to build an impressive portfolio, setting them apart from their peers as they enter college and the workforce. 

Paths 2 Opportunity's primary program is a 3-phase program for student’s grades 6th-12th, and beyond. 


Phase 1- Explorers: Student’s 6th to 8th grade learn about desirable career paths. In this phase they gain insight into different career paths by participating in workshops, seminars, and volunteer services.

Phase 2- Navigators: Student’s 9th -12th grade decides on a career path of their choice. In this phase students dive deep into training, participate in workshops, and seminars on career-related subjects, experience summer internships, volunteer service and are now ready for their journey to travel into college life and/or the workforce for employment.

Phase 3- Voyagers: Youth ages 15 to 24 seeking a GED and/or job skill, are equipped with the necessary tool, training, and credentials that prepare them to successfully, seek, gain, and maintain employment. This phase of the program prepares youth for a lifelong future in a career of their choice.

Our Programs